golfMy name is Drew Van Dyke.  I am a 26-year-old male with a degree in public relations from Utah State University.

I was not always certain of the major I wanted to pursue in college. With a diversity of interests, I had difficulty devoting myself to one program.

After experimenting with courses in anatomy, architecture, urban planning, environmental studies, graphic design, and horticulture, I somehow decided to focus on image management and event planning.

I have since realized the passion that I have for PR. My prior indecisiveness revolved around a fear of the monotonous and mundane lifestyles that so many lead. I enjoy public relations because it offers limitless opportunities.

I believe in a personalized and progressive approach to public relations. This comes through genuine originality and an adherence to consistently changing trends. This blog and its accompanying pages were created to showcase various writing samples, graphic designs and events from my portfolio.